DAMAR Southern Railroad

1-1/2" Scale Model Railroading

Boiler Inspection Day

Each year the NGLS club sponsors a "boiler inspection day". All the club members are invited to bring their locomotives to one of the members' tracks on a specified day and NGLS gets one or two Georgia-certified boiler inspectors to check the locomotive boilers. While this is not absolutely required by law, it gives us the ability to travel to other club tracks in other states and be allowed to operate. NGLS would rather err on the side of safety rather than risk an accident. Here are some pictures from a Boiler Inspection Day".

The process involves removing the relief valves and plugging them. Then the boiler is pumped full of water and pressurized to 1 1/2 times its working pressure. It is then inspected for leaks by the inspector. If it passes, it receives a certificate stating that it has been certified for use.

Unloaded and Ready

American is Done

Pacific Passes Test

Back Into the Truck

Dan's Locomotive

Steaming Bays

Another Locomotive

Green Locomotive

Making Steam

Movie: Pacific Inspection(618KB)