DAMAR Southern Railroad

1-1/2" Scale Model Railroading


As you can see, we have a number of projects under way. Many are completed while others are in much earlier stages of construction (such as the Western Maryland #6 Shay). The list below is a short synopsis of the project. To see the entire details (including pictures) of a project, use the links at the left.

The Caboose
This was the first project of DAMAR Southern

Pacific Coast Shay
My first locomotive that has been completed. It's initial test firing was in May 2002. Many additional details have been added since that time.

Box Car
Completed utility fuel car/tool car for the Shay. Currently being used by the Fairfield Railroad to support their new Pacific named "Lady Barbara".

4-6-2 Pacific
The recently completed steam engine I am working on with Wayne Lass for the last 2 1/2 years. Fairfield Railroad proudly rolled her out for her maiden run on January 1, 2001.

Riding Car
The newest rolling stock start made by the DAMAR Southern backshop. Plans are being finalized and drawn for this car at this time.

This is a approximation 1/14th scale model of a 1898 Climax locomotive. Work was completed in April 2004 on this project. 

Plymouth Switcher
This is an all-electric small locomotive that my wife loves to run. It's easy to run and even easier to maintain. Work was completed on this project in mid-2004. 

Water Tower
The Fairfield Railroad now has an accurate replication of a genuine railroad water tower in its main yard. This was a summer 2004 project and was delivered to Fairfield in October 2004.

Western Maryland #6 Shay
This the latest project that is currently on-going. Drawings have been obtained and work on the engine frame is well underway. No estimate for completion has been determined yet. The DAMAR backshop is busy working on this project as time permits.

Little Engines 4-6-2 Pacific Rebuild for Tom Hill
We are rebuilding an loco for Tom Hill that was worn out many years ago and disassembled for rebuild but never put back together. After several moves and little progress we agree to take on the project of putting her back together. This has been our Monday-night project for over a year already.