DAMAR Southern Railroad

1-1/2" Scale Model Railroading

Special Announcements

DAMAR back shop acquires new mill/drill!

On August 1, 2000, the DAMAR Southern backshop received shipment of a new mill/drill. This unit will be used in the construction of the Shay (which is proceeding nicely). It came with a number of accessories (drill chuck, drill chuck arbor, 3" face mill, 52-piece clamp set, stand, and angle vise). It was also fitted with a power bed motor.

After a few trial cuts and tests, the new machine was put into production machining one of the crossheads for the Shay. It took a little extra time to complete the piece since I was not used to the machine, but the piece was machined successfully and is now ready to be fitted. It is hoped that this new backshop addition will improve the rate at which the Shay is progressing.

Mill / Drill Profile View

Mill / Drill Front View

1/20/2001 - New Back Shop Equipment

To improve productivity and keep the employees (??) happy, two new pieces of equipment have been purchased for the back shop. A new MSC 4x6 power bandsaw was acquired on 1/19/2001. This saw will allow for the rapid fabrication of parts as needed and reduce the time (an elbow grease) needed to cut parts. Additionally, a new rolling tool chest was procured on 1/18/2001 to store the back shop's tools and equipment more efficiently.

New Tool Chest

New Bandsaw

12/6/2004 - Drill Press Sold and Replaced with Mini Mill/Drill

The tired old Craftsman floor model drill press was sold and replaced by a Grizzly Mini Mill/Drill outfit. A stand for the bench top mill/drill is being fabricated. It will be installed in the machine shop next to the larger mill/drill. It is hoped that this new equipment will improve accuracy when doing standard drilling (and light machining) work and free the larger mill/drill for longer setups.

2/12/2005 - TIG Welder Added to Back Shop Equipment

A Miller TIG welder was purchased on eBay and arrived at the DAMAR Back Shop of installation and setup today. It will be a very useful tool in the fabrication of future projects.

7/20/2005 - MIG Welder Added to Back Shop Equipment

A Hobart 140 Handler MIG welder was purchased on eBay. It is scheduled for delivery on 7/25. The addition of this welder (both FCAW and GMAW) will round out the welding capabilities of the back shop. Each welder (TIG, MIG, and oxy-acetylene) has unique uses. This set of welders should speed up fabrication work in the back shop as progress on the Western Maryland #6 Shay continues forward.

3/15/2008 - Lathe Replacement Obtained

An opportunity presented itself to obtain a slightly larger lathe for the DAMAR machine shop that I couldn't pass up. It's a Craftsman 12x24. The tooling I have for my Enco 9x20 will be retained and adapted as needed to the new lathe. I disassembled the entire unit to clean and paint it. It's all back together now and looks really nice (see pictures below). I haven't started using it just yet as I needed to finish the last wheel before converting all the chucks to the new spindle mounting thread configuration. The old Enco is up for sale w/ or w/o the variable speed motor conversion and DRO that I installed. Hopefully it won't take too long to find it a good new home!

12/20/2010 - Hurco CNC Mill Arrives

I now have a Hurco KM3P CNC mill on the premises. I happened to mention to a friend that I was wanting to get into CNC machining to maybe make the Western Maryland #6 project go a little faster and as luck would have it, he happened to have a "spare" Hurco mill in his shop that he was wanting to get rid. So, to make a long story short, right after Christmas (2010) he and I and his dad moved all 3,800 pounds of it from his shop to mine. The move wasn't always pretty but we finally got it moved.